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Norcold N15DCSS Refrigerator (DC Only) w/o ice maker


Norcold N15DCSS Refrigerator (DC Only) w/o ice maker

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Product Description

Norcold N15DCSS Refrigerator (DC Only) Polar Elite Series

Norcold Polar® Elite N15DC – 15 cu. ft. DC Compressor RV Refrigerator

Norcold's new Polar Elite series offer a low draw DC compressor that allows you to camp off the grid with low maintenance. Like a household refrigerator, just better! The compressor running off of DC means you don't need to run your inverter, using up precious power on top of the lower draw features it already boasts. Great option for those trying to dodge the propane (gas absorption) model refrigerator systems.

  • Styling & Features:
    • Stainless steel French doors
    • Glass interior shelves and clear door bins
    • A sliding shelf that adjusts for various sized containers
    • I5 cu. ft. of storage in the same cutout as a 12 cu. ft. RV refrigerator
    • Unique power management system that ensures the lowest amp draw possible
    • An adjustable independent thermostat for fresh and frozen compartments
    • Individual compressors with separate wire inputs allows for flexibility in wire size selection
    • RV standard mounting method for easy installation without any add-on brackets
    • Fully integrated ergonomic door and travel latches with easy open handles
    • Capable of running for up to 27 hours on a single battery charge
    • Night mode reduces compressor and fan speed to conserve battery charge and reduce noise
  • LCD Control Panel
    • Touch control – Integrated door mounted digital control panel
    • Eye-level LED display – Easy to see and operate
    • Control at your fingertip – Adjustable thermostat and mode select
Cutout Dimensions Listed

Listed 12v/DC

Amp Draw

Typical 12v/DC

Amp Draw

Vent Rough Opening Weight
H x W x D (in) Std. Mode Std. Mode H x W Net
63 5/16 x 32 3/4 x 24 12.5A 6.5A Not Required 216




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