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Power Boards

Norcold Power Boards for the N611, N621, N641, NX641, and NXA641

There are two different style power boards made for the N611, N621, and N641 (including NX641 and NXA641). The older style board (pre 2006) has a 16 pin plug connector at the bottom of the board. The newer style board fits ALL post 2006 N6XX models, regardless of the serial number. In order to determine which board fits your Norcolf refrigerator, you will need to locate the refrigerator's serial number. This serial number is located on a decal inside the refrigerator box on the right hand side. The serial number break can be found in the description of each board below as well as in the description for each power board.

Norcold N6XX Refrigerator Power Board Reference Guide:




NX641, NXA641