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Norcold N6XX Thermistor For Sale!

Norcold Thermistor/ Thermister/ Thermostat

This is the product responsible for sensing the temperature inside the refrigerator. It tells the refrigerator when to turn on and when to turn off, based on the interior temperature within the refrigerator compartment.

Below you will find the current thermistor for all N610, N611, N621, N622, and N641 models, regardless of serial number. Any numbers or letters after the model numbers are not important for this part. The thermistor has a 4 prong connector that will snap into the light fixture located up at the light bracket. The other end clips to the 10th fin from the right hand side. 

Fits all:

  • N610
  • N611
  • N621
  • N622
  • N641