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High Temperature Safety Switch


We no longer recommend installing the ARP switch!

The ARP switch shown above is no longer a part we recommend installing. This switch is NOT designed to replace your Norcold high temperature switch. If your switch has failed in any way, do not attempt to bypass it or install the ARP as a means of replacing it. Having the Norcold high temperature safety switch (recall HTS) installed and functioning properly is something that is federally mandated and you run the risk of a fire if ignored or bypassed. We ask that you please call Norcold at (800) 543-1219 so that they can help you locate a Norcold dealership/ service center that can handle the order and installation of a new switch.

Below is a thermal switch designed to work on the N6, N8, and N1095 models. These models include:

  • N610
  • N611
  • N621
  • N622
  • N641
  • N643
  • N810
  • N811
  • N821
  • N822
  • N841
  • N843
  • N1095