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Technical Support Policies

Seek Adventure LLC is proud to present Norcold Technical Support for the RV and Marine industries!

Technical support costs a flat rate of $50 and remains open until your refrigerator is running properly and the issue/s have been addressed in full.

Seek Adventure LLC is not a certified Norcold distributor or dealership. Our technical support services are supplied by Brian Currier, a former Norcold technician for Norcold. Brian no longer has any affiliation with the company. We give the safest possible information for you to follow, but if you are not comfortable in assisting with troubleshooting, please contact your local RV repair shop. We are not liable for any damages or injury(s) that occur during, or are a direct result of technical support. 

Proceed with technical support:
Norcold Technical Support 

We look forward to assisting you!
~Tech Team