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Norcold N410, N412

Norcold N410/ N412 Refrigerator Parts and Products for Sale!

With 4.5 Cubic Feet of Storage, 2-liter Bottles and 1-gallon Jugs are No Problem
The largest capacity in its class, this unit features a large freezer and convenient eye-level controls.
  • Easily-reversible, self-latching door opens 150° and accepts decorative door panels
  • Flip up bottom shelf holds gallon milk bottle
  • Travel latch with storage position
  • Adjustable thermostat responds to changes in ambient temperatures and varied uses
  • Manual change over between gas and electric
  • Convenient, eye-level controls
  • 3.8 liter container shelf storage, and 2-liter and 1.9 liter door bin storage
  • Flame current meter monitors gas ignition
  • N412 model has black trim

The following parts fit the Norcold N410/ N412 model refrigerators. To determine which product fits your particular model you must know the model and serial number of your RV refrigerator. This can be found inside your refrigerator on the right-hand side on a manufacturers label.

*Make sure to match the serial number in each products description with that of your refrigerator before placing your order. If you have a question, Email!