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Norcold N2090 (3 cubic ft)

Norcold N2090 (3 cubic ft) 12V Refrigerator!

3.0 cu ft. 12v refrigerator. The next generation of 12-volt refrigerator!

Stylish and energy efficient 12-volt refrigerator that will fit perfectly in any RV.

  • Stylish
    • Sleek black flat panel doors
    • Left or right opening options
    • Ergonomically designed recessed handles that don’t intrude into the RV living space
  • Energy Efficient
    • Low energy consuming compressor allows refrigerators to run over 25 hours on a single battery charge.
    • Reduced energy consumption with advanced electronics.
    • Control panel with intuitive touch controls and user-friendly graphics offering energy saving stand by and night modes.


Cutout Dimensions Listed

Listed 12v/DC

Amp Draw

Typical 12v/DC

Amp Draw

Vent Rough Opening Weight
H x W x D (in) Std. Mode Night Mode H x W Net
38.7 x 16.5 x 19.9 5.0A 3.5A No vent 41.6