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Norcold 3163

Norcold 3163 Refrigerator Parts and Products for Sale!

The following parts fit the Norcold 3163 model refrigerators. To determine which product fits your particular model you must know the model and serial number of your RV refrigerator. This can be found inside your refrigerator on the right-hand side on a manufacturers label.

3163 model include all of the following full model numbers:

  • 3163G
  • 3163T
  • 3163VWG
  • 3163HBV
  • 3163LG
  • 3163LGB16
  • 3163LGHBV
  • 3163LGHHB
  • 3163LGR
  • 3163LGH26R

Below are the available parts for the 3163!