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Norcold Power Boards

Norcold Power Boards/ Circuit Boards for sale!

Norcold power boards or circuit boards are located behind the refrigerator. To get to them you will need to remove an access panel on the outside of your RV. Once removed, you will then need to remove the board cover. Before removing any wires we recommend taking a picture of where everything goes and cutting the battery power and the AC power to the refrigerator. This will help in the installation of the new power board.

Norcold Power Board 628661, 632168001, 621991001, 621269001, 621271001, 618661, 633292, and many more! If it's currently being made by Norcold then we have it and you can buy it on sale today from the company that knows Norcold best!

Norcold Power Boards: