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Norcold N4141 (5 cubic ft)

Norcold N4141 Compact Refrigerator!

This model has replaced the N3141

N4141: Designed to fit in tight spaces, with plenty of space and great features
  • 5 cu. ft. total volume:Modern LCD display with touch controls
    • 5 cu. ft. interior space for fresh food compartment
    • 5 cu. ft. interior space for freezer compartment
  • Easy-to-clean, no-tarnish, white powder-coated shelves
  • Clear slide-out bin for maximum space usage
  • LED lights integrated into control panel turn on when the door is opened
  • Separate lower drawer for storing vegetables and tall bottles
  • Designed to save space in the RV: only 16.5 inches wide
  • Two adjustable, removable door bins
  • Interchangeable door hinges
  • Travel latch with storage position


  • Freezer compartment comes with separate evaporator plate
  • 3-way refrigerator: AC/ DC/ LP gas
  • Accessible control panel with built-in diagnostics
  • Manual or automatic power source selection
  • Freezer door ensures a constant temperature when opening the fresh food compartment


  • Self-latching doors keep the refrigerator closed during transportation
  • Shelves come with front lip for securing items in the refrigerator
  • Automatic re-ignition in case the gas flame goes out
  • Thermostat reacts to changes in ambient temperature

N4141 is mounted proud and accepts door panels*

*Door panels not included.