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Converters and Chargers

RV Power Solutions (Converter/ Chargers)

Converters and Converter/ Chargers and essential to RV living while unplugged from shore power. The 'converter' is designed to convert DC voltage to AC voltage so that you have full power while unplugged from shore power. Converters with the charging function have the ability to transmit AC voltage into DC voltage in order to charge up your battery bank, thus allowing you to run everything in the coach that operates off of DC voltage (lights, water pump, etc.).

Typical issues that arise with converters failing in the RV industry deal mainly with the refrigerator. The reason for this is that refrigerator circuit boards need clean voltage in order to operate properly. When a converter begins to fail, sometimes they will leak AC voltage over to the DC side of things. This is called "AC ripple" or "dirty DC". A converter that shows even 0.5 VAC on the DC lines needs immediate replacing before damage begins to occur to amenities within your coach.