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Norcold Fault Codes LI OP, O, or 6 flashes (potential fire hazard!)

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Is your refrigerator doing one of the following?

  • N610, N611, N810, N811
    • front light flashing 6 times
  • N400, N410, N412, N500, N510, N512, N621, N622, N821, N822
    • front display showing "O"
  • N641, N642, NX641, NXA641, N841, N842, NX841, NXA841, 1200, 1210, 1211, 2117, 2118
    • front display showing "LI OP"

These codes appear when either your high temperature limit switch has been tripped or there has been a break in the connection at LIMIT IN and LIMIT OUT on the rear power board. The first thing we would recommend you do is to take a look at your power board by removing the power board cover. Look at LIMIT IN and LIMIT OUT on that board. If there are wires attached, they should lead you to a thermal switch. This switch is designed to trip power to the refrigerator if the temperature at the flu exceeds safe parameters. This is a safety precaution designed to prevent a fire. We do not recommend resetting the thermal switch until it is clear as to why it went off. We also recommend contacting Norcold direct at (800) 543-1219 to make sure you do not fall within a recall of theirs. Recalls on the 1200 model refrigerator date back several years and have had several revisions. Norcold is very good about getting these replaced for you at no cost. 

If you have a model refrigerator without a thermal switch, meaning there are no wires connected to the LIMIT IN and LIMIT OUT, you should have a small jumper wire going across that terminal. For those individuals, we recommend paying attention to how level you are when you camp. Cooling unit failures are caused from overheating which is often times just a result of accidentally running it off-level.

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