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Norcold Ice Maker Won't Make Ice! HELP

Posted by The Norcold Guy on

Is your Norcold ice maker not making ice? We can help!

The ice maker found in Norcold refrigerators is made by Whirlpool and should look identical to the image below:

Norcold Ice Maker 633324

Below is a list of Norcold refrigerators that will have this ice maker installed:

  • N641IM
  • N841IM
  • N1095IM
  • 1200IM
  • 1200LRIM
  • 1210IM
  • 1210LRIM
  • 2117IM
  • 2118IM
    *the letters "IM" in the model number stand for Ice Maker. 

This RV ice maker is temperature operated. If your freezer compartment is not getting down to temperature, the ice maker will not cycle on. The other important thing to know is that it has an operating lever on the top. This bar, or lever, is in the OFF position when it is facing UP. Pull to the right until it clicks DOWN in order to turn it ON.

If your freezer is working as it should, you have the lever in the ON position and yet it is still not cycling or making ice, it is going to be an issue with the ice maker unit as a whole or the water solenoid valve in the back. The water solenoid valve is a 120VAC unit and so the safest way to test this is with an insulated jumper wire using the test points on the side of the ice maker. When you remove the white cover plate from the left hand side of the ice maker you'll notice several test points labeled with letters. The two test points you'll worry about when testing the water valve are "V" and "L". Make sure the unit is plugged into the AC outlet with sufficient power and insert your jumper wire into those two terminals. If you hear an audible click or buzzing, it's functioning the way it's supposed to. 

If it's not functioning, disconnect the refrigerator from the AC outlet. Next, you'll use a multi-meter to check for Ohms in the test points "V" and "N". It should read 295 - 360 ohms at the valve. If it's not, you either have a bad connection at the valve or the valve has gone bad. 

There are more test points on the side of the ice maker that you can troubleshoot with a jumper wire, however, we're not going to get into the various test points because this particular ice maker does not have any internal replacement parts. Simply put, if we know that the water valve is working properly and that the freezer is as well, then we also know that your only option is to replace the entire  ice maker assembly. While the ice maker itself does not have any internal parts that can be replaced, there are parts such as the water line, the wire harnesswater valve, etc. available in our store. Click the link below to view them:

Norcold Ice Maker Assembly Parts <-click
*New ice makers do not come with the operating lever, so make sure you hang onto your existing one!

Replacing Your Norcold Ice Maker Assembly:

The ice maker is mounted with two screws that you can get to at the top, securing it to the back wall of the freezer box. Once the screws have been removed, there is a plug connector that needs to be disconnected as well as the water line connection. Both are easily accessible once you've removed the mounting screws. There is no thermal mastic required for the installation of your new ice maker assembly. Simply work in the opposite direction, making the wire harness and water line connection before securing the ice maker back to it's original location.